I'm so excited for summer! It's not officially summer for me and my classmates. Technically, we still have to wait 11 more days to arrive to the feeling of ecstasy during summer. As of the moment, we're bats during 4:30 in the afternoon. We're just waiting for the cue, then we're free :)

After staring at my wallet, I have concluded that the summer I have been planning is 'quite' expensive if I would only depend on the limited amount of money provided by my parents. I have the time, the alacrity yet I do not have the medium  of exchange. Well, that's depressing. So i figured out "why not try something new for this summer". Then viola, my idea convinced my whole system to have a job. The problem is though, how easy would it be for me to find a job in the country where unemployment rate is consistently high. Because of such phenomenon, I decided to get a lot of 'RAKET's instead. By raket, I mean agreement of small work for someone in exchange for a adequate and reasonable amount of dough. 

For example; Math Tutoring, Modeling, Capturing Photos, Blog Editing, Encoding, Picture Editing, Accessory Making Writing About Me's for people or I dont really know. Anything I can do even it means tolerating some individual's lethargy.

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