Through My Windows

When I was a kid, I only used the window to see if the weather's good so I could play outside. I matured and lost felicity on playing outdoors so I stayed home and put all my attention to the computer and never peeked deliberately through the windows again. Finally, I reached highschool and felt adolescence. I encountered twice of the problems I had during my grade school years. Before, shunning away was useful but now...... it makes things more difficult.

Things changed when one day, I lost and utilized all my strength to endure the pain my problems were causing me. Some unknown force triggered me to stand under a parching sun and look up. I thought I would lose my sight but a happenstance occurred; I saw a cloud, glowing because of the sun hiding behind it instead of darkness. I felt a surge of euphoria than suffering. It looked really wonderful. Since then, I have always loved sunrises. One mid-afternoon also, when I was enervated after I had successfully accomplished my homework, a spotlight-esque from a setting sun lightened up everything that had been extinguished within me.

I simply love the sky. It grants me a blissful feeling that ensures me that I am safe despite the turmoils that are happening around me. Its my coffee, its my drug.

Photos © Andrea Mae (10/30/12)

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