A City Of Fog and Highways

Kuala Lumpur, a city of fog and highways. Fog because we we were about to leave KL, I saw it complete from the airplane window and it was surrounded with grey clouds of fog also when we were on the Highlands of Genting. I've got pictures to prove it :)

Highways because all the buses I have ridden in Kuala never passed through a narrow street.

KL is a very good place to stay for vacation. One disappointment though that I guess all tourist have considered is their RESTROOMS. They are all really messy even the pay toilets. I do not mean to besmirch the reputation of Petronas Tower, but their mall's restroom is one of the best in malaysia but perhaps if compared to that of the philippines.... it's bad.

I didnt go with my family instead I went with my uncle, his two daughters, another cousin and my sister. It was fun although it could have been a lot more if my parents and my brother were also there to witness the beauty of KL.

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