Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection (October 26)

Yay! I cannot explain how happy I am to have seen a PFW event. Well before I go on with this post, I'd like to thank Janina for providing me a ticket. It's free for her because she is familiar with a designer (Ronaldo Arnaldo). The camera's also hers! But I took the photos :)

We had seats but they were on the second row.

this dress made impact to me

vice ganda and liz uy watching.

Potential prom dress!!

Oh the back strap is sexy

yup, another secy back strap. I hope it looks good on me.

they were several guys who modeled clothes also.

It was splendid! I met few beautiful people :) But my ego was completely drained. The models were so skinny and some are really attractive. I saw a lot of fashion enthusiast and had wrought clothes/accessory/shoe-matching ideas from their outfits!

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