RETINENTIA - Latin word for recollection; memory retention; reminisce

featuring the songs of APO and The Beattles

It's November! And for us highschool learners, it is like the month naturally allotted for battle of the bands, fairs and etc.. First of all, my november and half of my october were hectic. I have so much obligations, so much events to organize, so many group works and individual projects to accomplish. Before I even stepped on to senior year, I was already expecting a massive unorganized tower of jobs for 4th year. First, I ventured and joined a committee/ORG. This specific org is very significant in every school. It's a primordial organization and you cannot simply join it. There's is a process. So I joined the student council, It's not my first time, I've tried to ventured thrice already including this year, although I was able to get a place on twice (yup i lost, last year). And for our school, the council is the one responsible for the battle of the bands. It is a liability or else the org would idle for months if not for the whole year. I had already an experience but before I was one of the youngest among the group, so responsibilities were obviously not foisted to me unlike now. And a job seems hard when you expect another task after that of the first. Anyway, RETINENTIA is the Angelcum College's project! Seems like it payed off.

© Hannah Carlos

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