Young Wild and Free

This would be my very first outfit post. I'd to credit the pictures to Janina ( All thanks to her I didn't have to use my lameass camera. My outfit is just a mixture of aztec and hot pink; one of the simplest I mixed and wore. 

tribal-esque necklace and aztec sundress

Cotton Candy nail colour, tarnished gold ring and Colorful Rocky bangle

It's a great outfit for the playful-simple type of people. It's versatile; casual or beach-y. I didn't put the stores where I bought my items because I dont like to deprive you of other great pieces just around the corner; be adventurous! I recommend you to find a better alternative of my items. This is just a guide. I challenge you to exercise your fashion interest. Do not limit your domain of shops, there's a lot around in a much cheaper price but please consider quality and not mediocrity ;)

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