CLE Requirement

The Specter
By: Andrea Lee

A specter form the mt. everest
That shines brighter than the moon during the night
Bestowed more than the rest
To his art that was the last yet his greatest

                                                      A man, the specter made out of love
A love more than Romeo had for Juliet
That even the best of all poets
has never solved nor deciphered

But this man, who plans to end his life
With feelings as sharp and deadly as a butcher knife
Thinks that nobody seems to shoulder
The largeness of his boulder.

A hundred kilogram boulder
That rolled from the mountain’s tip
Will finally meet the creator
In the end of the lonesome abyss.

Yet he notices that the rock he carries
Will not necessarily make him merry
 Instead a mixture of sweet and sour
That will help him in the judgment hour 

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