Christmas Vibes: On

The first weeks of decemeber were such a pain in the ass for me. I was dramatic and bitter simultaneously but after few weeks of abeyance on my studies (thank you, dear school for the bucket loads of non-educational-extra-curricular activities, family week and free periods) and few days of chatting and chilling with friends, everything seemed bright. As if I were a disturbed woman sitting in front of my house's gate, trying to rummage light from a sunless sky until the sun finally rose.

So it's sixteen; 15 days before 2013. and I'm quite disappointed that I am halfway through the month and 9 days away from christmas yet have only started to feel its vibes. I'm not so stoked for christmas but it's something I'm looking forward to celebrate. but.... What do i really mean by christmas vibes? What are these things that will reveal my christmas vibes anyway?

Here are some I can remember:

Saving money and Gift giving
It's my first time to save money in 15 Christmas seasons that have passed. Tell you what, I saved money not to satisfy my desires but to be able to buy the things I wish to give some of my greatest friends. I guess 2012's the year where I over-analyzed the most. I have certain reasons for over-analyzing but it somehow wrought me to realize the weight of the things my steadfast friends have done for me. I appreciate them so much, regarding the fact that I can actually consider 2012 as my best year.

Mass at the middle of the night
Honestly, It's been months if not less since I attended a mass and years since I last attended a midnight mass, not even an anticipated midnight mass. My family's participation to the catholic church is sort off insignificant. It's disappointing. Thankfully, every december my mom attends midnight masses so I guess this year I will accompany her :)

Family time
My family never deliberately planned any activity to be don aeltogether even this christmas. It comes naturally this season though. I dont really know why, perhaps because each of us feels compelled to participate because it's Christmas. Nevertheless, I am grateful that we are able to allot time to update the rest of the family about our separate lives.

Expectation of receiving your earthly desires
I have a wishlist and my mom is the most updated and informed among the people i know.
a.) Dr. Marten's Boots
b.) Rucksack
c.) Lace socks or dress
d.) Starbucks planner
e.) Picture Frames
f.) DSLR Camera
g.) Colorful with cute prints organizer boxes
h.) Camera film
i.) Gold/White Marshall/House of Marley headphones
j.) Straw box-basket or wood cube basket
k.) watch with leather strap

Dwelling on the effulgent side of a situation
As I have said, I over-analyze a lot. After over-analyzing I always conclude something negative and contradicting with what I hope. However, this christmas vibes seems to loosen my strictness upon accepting positive theories and suppositions.

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