Goodbye Shoot For 2012

It's 2013!!! I may be chinese but i believe THIRTEEN is not bad at all. I'm pretty excited for 2013 because finally after asdfghjkl years, I'll be marching again to get my diploma. Hooray! My hands are itching as if galvanized by a school of jellyfishes. I can't get enough! Which follows college. Not only I'm expecting that my parents will be more lenient but also I'm expecting loads of responsibilities. 2013 is the first year grades will matter (my current school since elementary is non-graded). Newton's Law says there is always an equal and opposite reaction for every force. Same applies to me. I am still quite reluctant for 2013 because of test results and the imminent end of my highschool life. Oh well, papel.

But off course, 2012 had been specutacular since it started. Well not really, they were a lot of challenges during its first months but obviously I was able to handle them all. Twenty twelve was fun and quite wild. I Y.O.L.O-ed a lot. Haha. Thank you 2012 and here's a glamorous shoot for you!

And for the new year vibes!! Behind the scenes.

(C) Cherry Peach Lee

Blazer: Forever 21 Shoes: Syrup Necklace: Forever 21

Bye, 2012

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