Another outfit post! Yay. I wore this during miram college fair, I took an earring off though. What I did, I mixed the most cliche' of all neon colours. I partnered it with studs; a little bit of floral and black. I used steel and gold accessories. So It's pretty much a mix of everything. But i didnt really considered any outfit techniques nor mix-and-match rules. Instead, I thought of something immensely (yes, immensely) comfortable and effulgent while I was planning this outfit.
I think, it looks CHILL and everytime I hear "CHILL" i thought of ocean zephyr and the coast. I'm not a beach person but I love the ocean, the trees and the sky so much. And you see in the waterside, where engulfing buildings and thick clouds of smoke from gasoline are absent, I see the things I enjoy most.

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