I played with fire, I hope I don't get burned.

Hiya, everyone. After a month of abeyance. I am back with so much stories to share! I have done so much in one month. I've been so happy and sometimes even ecstatic. There were so much things I was able to do, eat and buy. Some of them were my first. I'll try to sum them up in this post :)

El Ultimo Baile

El Ultimo Baile is Ateneo De Manila High School's Senior's Ball. It was held in their cover courts. Cheap as it sounds, the venue was one of the best I've seen (SO MUCH EFFORT EXERTED BY THE DECORATIONS COMMITTEE)

I have no idea how they were able to hang this but *hands down*

My bestfriend-neighbor-homework assistant-brother invited me to be his muse for the night. I am grateful because it is really a wonderful night. I will not narrate the things that happened in the ball but of course like any typical teenager would say, it was something special :)

Tablemates. Migo & the boogiebundocs / Greg And-DaManiacs / etc... with their muses

Last Weeks of High School

It was also the last month of my high school life. I had bucket loads of requirements! From our Thesis in English and Araling Panlipunan to our RTV project in speech. (More: Grad Song, Program Making and shitloads of exams) It was a hectic month. It was worth it though. I could not believe I was able to finish them all.
On the last week of high school, I was quite confident that I am going to graduate (yes, i finished it all). I had more time to spend for chilling and other school non-related things. I spent it jogging, foodtrip and hohol (hang out hang out lang). It's a hella' week. Hyperbole aside, it was one of the best weeks ever.

Last National Breakfast Day! I ate breakfast with my neighbor in Mcdo @ Matalino Street. Pancakes with their free Egg McMuffin. Sulit!

FINALLY! I have DOC MARTENS, thank you so much bro for noticing this in that garage sale in the neighborhood! So anyway, I was on the way home with my jog mate, when my jog mate who knew how much i wanted boots so much, said "Uy! Boots, oh". I saw it! It was worth only 700 pesos. I tried it on and OH MY GOSH IT FITS!!!!! I bought the day after when my jog mate and I ate in some pizza place. We are both graduating and that was our little celebration. Hihi

10 inch pizza that cost only 180 pesos. SULIT!

This was the pizza my friend and I ate. It was called Margherita. (Too much for the 'H' sound). It was really delicious and it could actually fill a tummy of two people. You can taste this @ Maginhawa Street! There's a really 'hipster' italian-inspired restaurant named Friuli Trattoria.

Congratulations to all Batch 13 Students :)

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