I just graduated!! For the second time in my whole life. (Yeah because you don't graduate from elementary in a non-graded school)

Last April 11, I wore a toga; I rushed because I couldn't dare to be late; I walked down the isle with my father on my right and my mother on my left; I attempted to listen to speeches; I knew it was hard to listen to the speakers when their voice is echoing; I saw a levitating Spongebob balloon inside the Sto. Domingo church; I DID NOT CRY.

However, despite the absence of my tears, I know I will miss every single person I was able to converse with during high school. And as I read my copy of our yearbook, my heart will sure laugh and cry. I may not show my feelings physically but I feel. That's why I know I'll miss them.

The most significant people in my Angelicum High School life

Honestly, this part I will never be able to complete. I've been friends with a lot of people regardless of their academic standing whatsoever. In all those four years, different people stood out. Few remained throughout the years, while some flew along with time. But that's life right Haha

Hi, Mom :)

Classmate for 2 years. Close friend for 3 years and counting. Thanks, bro.

And yes, my mum and dad.

My dad.

Best moderator among the four i have had.

She've affected me so much. In a good way.

My closest friend when I first came to the school. We became almost like strangers to each other after grade 3. In highschool, we found out we have the same interests and at some point we think alike. In 4th year, we became classmates. We helped each other a lot. Which follows, we go out together a lot too. We are like fire and ice. We penetrate each other. Before, I thought our friendship persists because of "Utang na loob" but after time I realized it is something more than that.

I've known her since first year. We were cell group mates in accident because my and her original group had few members that we needed to join together to become a legit cell group. I was scared of her looks at first because her eyes were undeniably big and intimidating. We became really close when we both joined the volleyball team during our school's Intramurals in Dec. 2009. We leave the school together and sometimes we eat around Tomas Morato, Timog or anywhere within our reach. We may not know a lot of secrets about each other but despite the imperfections of the other, we happily understand and accept one another. That's the bedrock of our friendship and it's pretty SOLID.

I met her during 3rd year. We became close when I sleptover in their family's hotel room after prom. We first became 'friends with benefits' (not in the intimate erotic sense). After few months of friendship, our interests pulled us near to each other and we shared something youthful that can lit candles and bring effulgence to our heart and mind.

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